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If 2012 was the year of the Penguin and the Panda, then what will 2013 be the year of? [insert name of cute, cuddly animal here]. Many Industry experts believe search will endure "more of the same" this coming year. This list includes continued updates to last year's game-changing algorithms and more interest in what's happening to your brand in Social Media. Sites that have been over-optimized will slide downward in favor of sites that provide better user experiences, period. While this may or may not be news to most people, the big G has been promising this for at least 5-6 years, it wasn't until Penguin and Panda happened that we realized that this was finally a reality. So if we were to offer any advice coming into the new year, it is this, optimize your brand online the right way - look at analytics, look at site speed & load times, look at your activity in Social media and make sure you have plans to continue improving your user experiences. Whether that be through graphics, content, social media apps, or web development improvements your goal in 2013 should be to meet the needs of your customers better.

Google is in a heated competition with Facebook, and even Apple to some degree and will continue to strive to bring you better and more relevant results. We didn't really mention Bing...because well... it is Bing... Does anyone really go there?

Here's wishing you the best of success online in the New Year!


Administrator on Jan 08, 2013 in Marketing
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