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Common Questions about 6 Degrees:

1)    What is 6 Degrees?
a.    We are a Social-Professional Networking Group encompassing San Diego and North County. We host numerous events with the focus on driving relationships and building solid business connections amongst all attendees.

2)    When did you start?
a.    August, 2007

3)    What is your core belief

a.    The true value of networking isn’t measured by the number of people you meet, it is measured by the trusted relationships you build

4)    How are you different than other “networking” groups

a. We have fun!!! Those who enjoy their work say they don’t feel like they’ve worked a day in their lives. Non Sprinkler effect – don’t spray your business cards around. Numerous types of events with non-profit partnerships. No one night stands – be consistent, stay connected, don’t hit and run and hope you’ll land a quick client. We cater to the broad business community; not industry specific. We are more than just after hour mixers as we have targeted events that hit a majority of the business community. We have a personality!!!

5)    Business or social?
a.    We are a business organization that enjoys connecting in social environments with quality people.  If you’re looking for a date, please look elsewhere.

6)    What kind of events do you run
a.    Happy Hour mixers, Breakfast Speaker Series with senior executives and owners of well established companies, Women’s Only functions, Cigar Society, Foodies & Wine Series, Members Receptions, Special Events, Charity Functions like the Charity Poker Tournament, educational series, and more

7)    Where are the events?
a.    All over the city. The San Diego mixers are usually found at quality hotels and restaurants downtown or near downtown while the North County mixers are typically held at high quality venues from Del Mar north to Carlsbad

8)    How many people attend the events
a.    Monthly mixers range from 75-200, Speaker events range from160-220, other events all range from 50-150 while our Anniversary party and Holiday parties have between 600-1000 and 300-400 respectively

9)    Who attends your events?

a.    Executives of all ranges and industries

10)    What age group
a.    80% of our attendees are between 27-43 years old. Our members range from 22-65

11)    How do you find/decide on your event venues
a.    Many venues contact us but we look for venues that are newer, have ample space and acoustics, and want to promote their establishment to our amazing crowd.

12)    Is this a group with one person per industry represented?

a.    Nope. However, our Corporate membership level allows only one company per industry to sponsor events and/or advertise on the website

13)    What industries are represented
a.    You name it…you will find them here

14)    How much does it cost

a.    Prices range depending on whether you are a member or not. All costs to purchase membership can be found in the members area on the website. The event costs range depending on the type of event but all costs are listed next to the events in the events page

15)    How do you join
a.    Point and Click on the Join Here button on the Members Page. But it might be worthwhile to attend an event or talk to our staff, membership committee or other members to ensure this is the right platform for you and your business before committing.

16)    Is my online profile optimized
a.    Yes you will be found in search engines

17)    Can I connect with other members within the website

a.    Yes via email

18)    What can my Online Profile do:

a.    Many things. It’s a social network for the 6 Degrees Member community. You can inmail, form groups, set up events, upload photos, stream your news, search, and much more!!

19)    Are there any pre qualifiers for joining
a.    No…but you better be fun and good at what you do

20)    How do you market your events
a.    Via social media, email blasts to our opt-in database, promotional partners, and local media

21)    Is social media used often with 6 Degrees
a.    Yes, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as we post info about our events, our members, our sponsors, and valuable information about how to run your business and network efficiently

22)    How do you decide which Non Profits to partner with
a.    We love non-profits that are also active in the community that have a great message and a need for our help. Contact us within and we would be more than happy to speak with you!

23)    How much money goes back to charity
a.    Our signature events have 100% of auction proceeds going to charity while a portion of ticket sales go to them as well. Our monthly mixers all have Non-Profit Partners but no money exchanges hands…

24)    How do I sponsor an event
a.    Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s talk! Calling us is great…we like the personal touch

25)    How can I advertise on the website
a.    Ditto above

26)    How much does it cost to advertise online and/or sponsor events
a.    It varies. We would be more than happy to send you a Media Guide with this information

27)    Are there committee’s within the organization

a.    Yes we have a Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Volunteers and are in the process of setting a up a few more

28)    How can I get more involved
a.    Come to an event. Meet everyone. Meet our staff. Meet our Board. Get Connected and Stay Connected. Or you can just email or call someone on our staff and let us know that you’d like to be more involved.