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This premier peer advisory network facilitates invaluable exchanges, leading to higher business performance and profitability, which is further enhanced by unique tools, training, and support services that help members reach their professional goals and achieve their visions.

Elite Expectations

What our members enjoy on a regular basis...

  • Sophisticated Solutions – Roundtable discussions where members present business challenges for unbiased peer mentorship.
  • Elite-Level Networking – A confidential forum for the exchange of questions, ideas, and advice that empowers your business for improved profits.
  • Professional Facilitation - Professional facilitators manage all groups
  • Peer Accountability – Commitment of support from other members to help business goals become a reality.
  • Advanced Access – Engage with expert speakers and discuss immediate implementation of action items and lessons learned.
  • Targeted Referrals – High-level business opportunities and relationships directly relevant to member skills, knowledge, and services.
  • Promotional Exposure – Public speaking opportunities through educational lunch panels in the Professional Development Series (available only to Elite members). Branded to entire SD business community
  • Quarterly Elite Mixers – Invite only elite mixer events at the finest establishments in town to mix, meet, engage with all Elite members within the 6 Degrees community
  • 6 Degrees Events – Access for you and/or an employee to attend and engage at all 6 Degrees functions as part of Elite membership


  • Top Performers
    • Our members are successful professionals who invite the highest level of scrutiny. Our culture of peer-based accountability ensures that members and their clients can depend on our unequaled integrity and competence.
  • High-Level Collaboration
    • Members participate in "issues processing," round-table discussions where their toughest business challenges are presented for unbiased peer mentorship. In this confidential forum, the exchange of questions, ideas, and perspectives fosters sophisticated solutions that are then brought to member clients, providing higher level results and service reputations.
  • Unparalleled Access
    • Whatever members, colleagues, or clients need, solutions are always forthcoming in our “Connectors” meeting segments; by calling on highly-responsive fellow members; or through 6 Degrees Elite online interaction.
  • Trust and Engagement = Leads
    • As members establish trusting relationships, they forge a network of valuable resources and referrals, mutually benefitting their clients and themselves.
  • Valuable Training
    • Through “boot camps,” a mentor program, and in-person/online interaction, members sharpen their communication, networking, and marketing skills. Expert speakers present high-performance action items and lessons, which members can then immediately implement.
  • Industry Insights
    • Through diverse presentations and discussions, members discover new and emerging trends in other professions, specialties, and market segments. In these dialogues, the seeds of multi-disciplinary solutions are often sown.
  • Active Connections
    • Monthly group meetings (in member conference rooms or group-preferred locations) make it easy to keep up with 10-15 fellow members. At the end of each meeting, three to four members/guests will be placed in “1st Degree Groups” to engage in deeper interactions during the following month, with a specific topic to discuss.


Membership is by invitation and all members approved by the Executive Committee
Current Groups are in these areas of San Diego: Downtown, UTC (3), Sorrento Valley, Kearny Mesa, Carlsbad

Do You Qualify?
CEO, Owner, Partner, President, Principal, VP, SVP, CIO, COO, or Director level or positions of similar stature

****If a 6 Degrees Elite membership interests you, please apply below****
COST: $1600 Annual or $150/monthly (with 1 Year contract)


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